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We are most comfortable buying from people we know, like, and trust. Foster those relationships with potential customers through a proper marketing funnel to deliver the right message to the right person at the right time—AUTOMATICALLY—just set it and forget it!



[truhjek-tuh-buh l]


  1. A business moving forward under the influence of such forces as marketing technology and automation despite such antagonistic factors as market conditions and competition; the growth path of a business.
  2. Capable of trajection.


From Brochureware to Intelligent Representative


Are you happy with the number of people that visit your website and leave versus the number of people that perform the action you want them to?

Most people aren’t, so you wouldn’t be alone if you are. Traditionally, websites have been brochureware…..great reads, but seldom accomplished the jobs they were given (generate leads)…..but the dynamic nature of the web, along with evolved marketing tactics and technologies, has opened up a world of possibilities for communicating with your target customers.

And it is that enhanced level of communication that is going to increase both the quality AND quantity of your leads.

Even the best tactics and technologies mean nothing without the proper strategy to inform their usage…and that strategy comes in the form of a marketing funnel that’s tailored to fit your customers’ and the way they buy from you.

Take the right strategy and tactics then tie everything together with the best technologies to produce a fully automated marketing funnel that generates more leads and sales with no additional effort.


The most effective funnels implement the triforce of marketing automation:




Who is this person?

Allow them to get to know you by serving up specific content and communications while you get to know them by capturing how they respond to that messaging.



Are we a good fit?

The best relationships are ones where each side of it get more value than they give. Determine where each of you stand and if the value exchange will be something everyone is happy with.



Are we ready to engage?

Just because you have gotten to know someone and have identified them as a good fit for you (and vice versa) doesn’t mean they are ready to go right now. Keep the lines of communication open until they are ready to consummate the relationship.

Personalized communication is what sits at the heart of the triforce.

As your prospect properly segments and qualifies themselves, it allows you to communicate your value proposition back to them in a manner that will most resonate with them…allowing for an easier path of escalation.

By the time someone makes it through your funnel they are as hot of a lead as they are ever going to be….so much so that they may have already made the purchase without you being involved at all!

Buying decisions are Emotional, not Logical.

Whether you’re a B2C (business-to-consumer) or B2B (business-to-business) business, at the end of the day you are selling to a person, and as much as you would like to believe that people make buying decisions that are logically in their best interest, they don’t. Just like in marriages where our spouses are chosen based on how we FEEL about them (usually—ha), people make buying decisions in an identical way—it’s all about emotions—and the more you can speak directly to someone through highly personalized communications the more emotionally invested they will be.


The overwhelming majority of company websites published today are Brochureware, pushing the “Hey! Look how great we are!” message with little regard to who they are talking to. Separate yourself by turning your website into an intelligent representative of your business that speaks directly to your customers in a manner that will resonate.


Meet Your Customers Where They Are


This service exists for two, very interconnected, reasons:

  1. Help you identify a particular customer’s journey and segment out the type of people that travel it so that you can find more people like them.
  2. Automate the courting process so that you are increasing your sales while spending less time doing it.

The holy grail of Marketing lies at the intersection of the right person, consuming the right message, at the right time. Marketing Funnels are the ideal next step after understanding your customer’s journey because they detail who in your pipeline should receive which message and at what time. All of this is done automatically and reduces your overhead and allows your customer to travel through their journey at their own pace.

Automated Funnels are the Answer

I churn out fully automated marketing funnels that are ready to plug-n-play. Whether you are aware of it or not, the people that ultimately end up buying from you and become your best customers follow a specific buyer’s journey. Marketing funnels map out that journey, highlighting common behaviors and traits among a segment of people, and allow you to take control of that journey to help usher them through your buying process.

The relationship between a buyer and seller progresses just like that of a married couple. When you (the seller) asks for the sale that is synonymous to a marriage proposal, and if you are married I’m sure you didn’t propose (or accept the proposal) on your first date with your spouse. But yet that’s what the majority of websites are doing, they are completely skipping the courting phase of the relationship and jumping straight to the proposal.

This is a problem, studies show that 99% of first-time visitors to your website will leave without a trace because they are not interested in getting married after just learning your name.

That is a considerable amount of lost opportunity for revenue.

Instead of offering yourself up as an appropriate suitor on the first encounter, how about just asking them out on a date first? At that point, you’ve gotten some engagement out of them by getting them to say their first “YES” to you, and you can take your time courting them until they are ready to commit (buy from you).

Are you too anxious to progress the relationship? It’s very common to lean too hard on a customer at the beginning and “scare” them away. You should be uncommon and respect the boundaries of the relationship by implementing a funnel that builds it up over time.



Anatomy of My Marketing Funnels


The actual design of a funnel can range in complexity from something like a simple email autoresponder series to an intricate mix of emails, retargeting ads, and custom call-to-actions sprinkled throughout your website.

Email Autoresponders

At the heart of any automated funnel is a sequence of emails. Those are used to pilot a conversation between you and the interested party in a manner in which you meet them where they are in the buyer’s journey…..and during that conversation, you usher them through the rest of that journey.

Landing Pages

Focus is everything. The last thing you want to happen is your customer to get distracted (*squirrel*) while they are on their journey; that’s why a very specific Landing Page (or multiple) needs to be created to support the conversation that’s taking place. These pages contain a very specific message and call-to-action based on the customer’s point in their journey.

“Intelligent” Website

If your business has multiple product/service offerings, and/or serve multiple markets, how do you know which offer to put in front of your customer at any given time? It’s very common to just put everything out there and have the customer pick the one they feel is best suited for them…..that’s what we call brochureware, and it seldom works.

Make your website smarter than that.

Allow your site to be more efficient at actually generating leads and selling your offers by arming it with the information it needs for each visitor which will enable it to communicate on a more personalized level. When you make the right offer, to the right person, at the right time the only possible outcome is a sale.

Retargeting Ads

You can, quite literally, meet your customer where they are with retargeting. If at any point they get stalled during their journey you can remind them of who you are, what you can do for them, and why they engaged with you in the first place through subtle hints (ads) on their favorite websites that let them know that you are still here and are not going anywhere.

Attribution Tracking

All of this gets wrapped up with proper attribution and will produce a very detailed set of analytics, and these analytics hold the answers to key questions like:

  • Who are my most/least expensive customers?
  • What are my most/least expensive channels?
  • What areas of my customer journey can be optimized to increase lead/sales flow?
  • HOW can those problem areas of my customer journey be fine-tuned?
  • How long does it take for the average customer to complete the journey?

…those are just a few questions that, with the proper answers, can have a significant impact on your bottom line. If you don’t have them, I can help you get them.


The level of insight that is materialized from a properly setup funnel is game changing, not just from increased revenue but also from a decreased expenses perspective as well. Are you looking to really move the needle on your business?


My Delivery Process


At this point you are probably saying to yourself, “all this sounds good, but how does everything come together for me?”….and that’s a legitimate question, so I’m going to lay everything out in a manner that will highlight the experience and set the proper expectations of us working together.

Each project is split into 3 separate phases, effectively referred to as the DAD Process: Discovery, Assembly, and Delivery.


What does success look like and is that both realistic and attainable?

That is what we will be investigating during discovery. We will take a deep dive into your business, discussing things like your target audience and existing customer base, product/service offerings, existing marketing practices, revenue goals, etc, etc, etc……and just to make sure we are both covered, I’ll send over an NDA before we get started. I want to make sure you are fully comfortable sharing with me the information I need to help you grow your business.

Once we have done the deep dive, I’ll compile everything into a document that outlines where you are currently, where you would like to be in the future and some options on how to make progress towards that goal. It is there where we will decide if continuing this relationship will be a benefit to both of us and if so, we’ll move into Assembly.

The Discovery phase is somewhat independent of the rest of the process as it costs a flat $1,000 to execute and the product of it is a roadmap to our agreed upon goals with pricing options for assembling a funnel that will move you in that direction……not an actual working funnel.


This is where the machine is built. The funnel is designed just like any other manufacturer’s assembly line, each component of the funnel is constructed and pieced together to fit the design…..this would include: drafting email copy, landing page copy, and ad copy, creating any necessary graphical assets, and tying everything together in in their respective automation sequences.

By the time I am done you will have a well-oiled machine ready to be delivered.


At this point everything will have been configured, the necessary tracking has will have been implemented, and the only thing remaining will be you “flipping” the proverbial “switch” that will launch your new funnel and begin to feed the machine.

So sit back, and watch your new sales tool work for you, while you continue about your days like you always have……the only difference is, now you have an automated selling machine going to work for you.

If you decided to opt for an add-on package, like having me create/manage Facebook ads to “feed the machine” for you or perform optimization on the funnel to increase its efficacy, then things will continue on as agreed. Otherwise, this project is concluded and I hope to work with you again someday!

What more can I say? I’ve broken down why funnels are so important, what my funnels look like (at a high-level), and how I deliver them to you. The only thing left is for us to get started so I can start transforming your business.


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