Is Your eCommerce Shop

If you decided to personalize your customers’ shopping experience with powerful behavioral targeting that is fully automated you could stop the bleeding and recover those lost sales you worked so hard for in the first place
— all while you sleep!

Take a moment to find out how much MORE money you could be claiming with no additional effort.

Show Me The Money!

Oh, you’re still here?

I can only assume that means you’ve spoken with Siphon, gotten the goods, and are back for more.

…or you’re just curious about it is I do. Well…

I leverage technology, automation, and copy to transform the way small to medium sized online retailers communicate with their customers digitally.

Hm, that sounded very buzzwordy, so let me try again…

If you’re the owner or the sole marketer/manager of a small to medium sized eCommerce business then I am here to help you deliver highly personalized shopping experiences that will drive more sales and rival the digital experiences of the industry giants whom will not be named (but we both know who they are).

So you’ve tried everything, eh? Not this…

As the person that’s ultimately responsible for generating revenue for your online retail store you’re doing the things you believe you should be doing, the things that are touted as “best practice” for making money online:

  • Buying ads from Google, Facebook, and/or other ad networks.
  • Investing in SEO because “everyone knows the first 3 results for any given keyword are the authorities in that space.”
  • Sending out newsletters on a regular basis that promote deals and the like to your email list.

…and a possible litany of other things to generate traffic to your website.

You may have even hired an outside marketing firm that told you they could “get you more leads.” And that’s great, should not at all be dismissed, but that typically means they are only increase the traffic to your website — which is only one-half of the coin. Once they get people to your site their job is done, so whose job is it to make sure those people stick around and actually buy from you, not just once, but again and again?

I can answer that for you…MINE.

How many sales are currently falling through the cracks?

If you haven’t spoken with Siphon yet please do that now. In just a few minutes he’ll be able to talk you through some high-level scenarios and give you a feel for the potential successes that are on the horizon of this partnership between you and me.

Otherwise, we can go deeper into the specifics of my service offering and how exactly I will increase sales, with virtually zero overhead, for your eCommerce store.

If you’ve been searching for a way to add a noticeable increase to your bottom line without overextending your budget or time, look no further. Adopting my automated personalization campaigns will do just that.