Are We Right for Each Other? Let’s Find Out!

I Want to Provide Astonishing Amounts of Value

Let’s have a quick chat—you and me, on the phone, for 30 minutes (or less).

It is during that time we will have a high-level conversation about what you want and where I fit into that. That will include, but not be limited to:

  • Understanding where you are versus where you would like to be with your business.
  • Who your target market might be and what problem(s) you solve for them.
  • What priority this initiative plays in your overall business goals.

So what that means is:

  • You will need to come to the table with an open mind.
  • You will need to be ready to talk about your business as a whole, not just a new marketing tactic you want validation on.
  • You must understand that significant growth doesn’t happen overnight.

This is not the deep dive of your business to figure out what needs to be built and how to build it. The goal of this conversation is to understand if we are a good fit and whether or not we should proceed with an official Discovery.

30 Minutes Is All We Need

A 30-minute free consult is all it takes to realize if we are a good fit. If so, I’m confident that my detailed strategy will make moving forward a simple decision.


The most effective funnels implement the triforce of marketing automation:




Who is this person?

Allow them to get to know you by serving up specific content and communications while you get to know them by capturing how they respond to that messaging.



Are we a good fit?

The best relationships are ones where each side of it get more value than they give. Determine where each of you stand and if the value exchange will be something everyone is happy with.



Are we ready to engage?

Just because you have gotten to know someone and have identified them as a good fit for you (and vice versa) doesn’t mean they are ready to go right now. Keep the lines of communication open until they are ready to consummate the relationship.