Stop leaving money on the table, learn how to optimize the experience of every visitor to your website.

Looking to increase sales? No need to hire an additional sales person, just transform your site into a digital sales rep and watch it unlock areas of revenue you didn’t know existed.

Transform Your Website into a 24/7 Sales Rep

I’m not talking about turning it sentient, just making it smarter than it currently is.

I’m not saying you should try to turn your site into the next SkyNet (that wouldn’t end well for anyone), but it is very possible to make your website much smarter than it is right now. We are beginning to move away from the days that our websites and emails be used as mass communication devices and move towards the days of those devices being able to recognize returning visitors and current customers and respond to them accordingly.

Imagine a world where depending on what you knew about a person:

  • Visiting your website would cause it to remodel itself—on the fly. So headlines, imagery, testimonials, and call-to-actions can be personalized to them, making your website smarter and creating an on-site experience that will resonate more.
  • Receiving emails from you look and feel more like 1-to-1 conversations instead of a newsletter sent to a massive list. Those emails are automatically triggered based on past behaviors and follow-ups are persistent but not obnoxious.
  • Tying both of those together into an immersive digital experience that shows the person you recognize who they are and what they are interested—and they are not just a faceless transaction in a pool of many others.

There’s no need to imagine that world because we’re already living in it—and it’s completely affordable!

Join this free mini-course and let me show you just how close you are to it.

Unlock Your Potential

Every business has hidden potential within their digital experiences. Stop leaving money on the table and start engaging with your customers on their level.


The most effective experiences implement the triforce of marketing automation:




Who is this person?

Allow them to get to know you by serving up specific content and communications while you get to know them by capturing how they respond to that messaging.



Are we a good fit?

The best relationships are ones where each side of it get more value than they give. Determine where each of you stand and if the value exchange will be something everyone is happy with.



Are we ready to engage?

Just because you have gotten to know someone and have identified them as a good fit for you (and vice versa) doesn’t mean they are ready to go right now. Keep the lines of communication open until they are ready to consummate the relationship.

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Jawann Brady

Jawann Brady, Your Funnel Fanatic

Jawann Brady (that would be me) is the Principal of Trajectable Marketing and a bit of a geek for marketing and technology. I love automation and my backgrounds in software engineering and digital marketing uniquely qualify me to add value by blending the two. I’m also a big fan of futbol (soccer)…..go Atlanta United FC!