Deliver Dynamic Shopping Experiences

I don’t see “traffic” and “transactions”. I see individuals with thoughts, feelings, and interests making their lives better by purchasing goods from you. I want to help you see your customers the way that I do, only then can you deliver a truly unique shopping experience for them that will increase sales and loyalty.


How Can I Help You?


I’ve made it my mission to assist online retailers (especially if you make $5m or less) in adopting some of these technologies, strategies, and tactics they may have once thought was out of reach for them because it required the resources only obtainable by the industry giants.

I assure you that is no longer the case as advances in technology have opened up worlds of possibilities for the smaller businesses with very limited resources at their disposal. I am more than willing to take the first step in this relationship that’s just how confident I am I can help you, assuming we are the right fit for each other, which is why I offer a free custom report.

My help comes in 3 different forms, with each form providing a very different level of engagement from me and commitment from you.


Revenue Recovery Report *FREE!!*

Let me take a second to reiterate the fact that this is a free report. And no, this isn’t some generic document template that is copied over and over for everyone that requests it. There is certain information I need from you before it can be put together, which is why you must speak with my assistant (Siphon) before requesting it.

This is an interactive calculator that should take only a few minutes to let you know what your anticipated recovery amount might be. You can decide if knowing that amount is sufficient for you OR request the actual report that dives deeper into it and breaks down the ROI. Again, this is a custom report that speaks directly to your situation, not a generic checklist or ebook. If it’s determined that I may not be a good fit for your current situation well then that’s it — only costing you a few minutes.

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The Digital Experience Audit

This is a single-purchase, one-time engagement where I do a complete analysis of key elements of your marketing stack, messaging, and traffic sources (this is very important). I can also “mystery shop” your competitors to give you the inside scoop on how you stack up against them. The outcome of this audit is a comprehensive report that will highlight what you’re doing well, any gaps in your technology stack and/or messaging, and recommendations that could provide both immediate and long term successes.

It’s a marketing audit unlike any other. While my done-for-you campaigns (see below) may be seen as my highest value offering, if you have obtained a free report (see above) and are still unsure of the value I could provide for you then this might be an ideal next step due to its very in-depth analysis of multiple facets of your marketing communications.

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Done-For-You Personalization Campaigns

You didn’t get into the business you’re in to spend your time optimizing customer segments, monitoring email deliverability, or crafting dynamic calls-to-action. It’s time you got back to focusing your invaluable time and energy on what matters the most and what you do best: fine-tuning the strategy behind your marketing that will grow (traject) your business.

These personalization campaigns do just that. They don’t replace your existing marketing initiatives, they amplify them. This is a month-to-month service (no contracts) where I completely take over certain aspects of your marketing and assist with others. It’s the ultimate bang for your buck that has built-in accountability.

Meaning, the monthly reports you are given will highlight how much money you are spending on me versus how much I’m making for you. So if at any point the numbers don’t align for you, then please cancel, because that means it’s not a mutually beneficial relationship anymore. And that’s not what I want.

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